Correct hardware installation?

Today my new HAF 912 + casing + Asus Geforce 670 + Corsair A70 CPU cooler arrived. My plan was to replace it with my old gfx (Radeon 5850 black edition) and install it all in my new case for better airflow.

This is now completed and the system is as following:
Mobo: gigabyte ga-870a-ud3
CPU: AMD Phenom hexcore 1090T
Gfx: Asus Geforce 670
Ram: 4 gb DDR3 1333 mhz
HDD: 500 GB Western digital (Master), 500 GB Maxtor (Slave)
PSU: Corsair 620

Of these the only new components are the Geforce 670 + Corsair A70. Now, since this is my first assembly i am somewhat worried that i have done something wrong. I hope some of you will take a look at my procedure and see if everything is alright.

My concerns:
1). As the following pictures testify - my cable 'management' is somewhat graceless. However, according to Everest, my GFX + MOBO + CPU temps are stable at 28-30 celcius and 35-40 during gaming. This is alright, no?
2). During my 'test' gaming i noticed lag spikes in Diablo 3 - i dunno wether this is hardware related. But it should be, since my connection should be more than adequate.
In Empire: Total War i ran the game splendidly at maxed out settings. So this is somewhat ambigious.
3). I had some cabling problem - one PSU cable i simply didn't know where to put - you'll see the cable in question in the pictures. Also my front 'lights' that should signify computer activity are not alight (my fan lighting is). Have i mis-placed the front cables?

4). Last, and perhaps most importantly: As i was tightning a screw on the back of my PSU - it was on, and yes that was stupid - with a screwdriver, i accidentally touched the 'shaft' of it and noticed a MINOR electrical surge through my finger. It was absolutly miniscule, i didnt even notice it initially. Should i worry about this?
I tried touching it again later today after turning off the computer + psu and didn't feel a thing.


note: In case you wonder why i have put a high-end gfx in a medicore built i'll OC the CPU untill i can replace it + the mobo with something better and some extra rams.

Thanks for reading and, potentially, putting my mind at rest!
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  1. I should add that i often have a 'delay' on reaction when i try to click something - any clues as to why?
  2. Re your front lights:

    Normally these are powered by a group of wires with end connectors that all plug into a 20-pin Panel port, often at the bottom right of the mobo. Two of these are for the front panel Power LED, and the HDD Activity LED. In each of these two cases, if you plug them into the correct port pins but the wrong way, the LED's simply won't light up (the polarity is wrong). This does not damage the LED's. So, check those two connectors for two things:
    (a) make sure they are plugged into the correct pins of the port; and
    (b) try turning them over to reverse the polarity, and see if that gets them working.
  3. arh, thanks alot - i'll try that when i turn it off.

    Also my A70 Corsair cooler is really noisy. Not in a stuttering way - it just sounds like it moves a heck of alt of air. Is increased noise levels just a general tendency of after market coolers or i Corsairs' just louder than others?
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