Dell Inspiron 1545 Graphics Driver Update

I have tried updating the graphics driver for my laptop several times, and each time I've tried, I got an error message saying the installation was cancelled due to the driver not being provided by Dell even though the update I tried installing comes from the manufacturer of the graphics chip (Intel). I believe the graphics chip is the Intel 4 series chipset or something like that. I was thinking that updating the driver might possibly reduce at least some of the instability I have been experiencing with graphics performance, as I don't really have the funds to go out an purchase a new laptop to upgrade right now. The last update offered by Dell for the driver appears to be from late 2008, but the one Intel has was released in late 2011 the last time I looked. Its kind of ridiculous that Dell stopped providing updates for the graphics system in 2008 considering the laptop was still being sold new in stores over a year later. (I bought mine around Jan. 2010.) Does anyone know of a way to bypass this restriction and install updates direct from Intel?
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  1. Hi Jeeves

    Have you contacted Dell support? They should be able to supply you with an update that you can use.
    Other people have had success with installing the driver by uninstalling the current driver first, have you tried this?

    What are you doing on the laptop when you notice instability?
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