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What's up everyone, looking for some help building a PC. I have never built a PC before but I want to start mapping out the parts and get an idea of how much everything will cost. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and I am hoping I can build this on the cheap without sacrificing quality.

I need to be able to run apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Outlook, Spotify and Skype simultaneously. Gaming is not a priority but would like to be able to at least run games like GTAIV smoothly.

Budget Range: $700-$800 after rebate

System usage from most to least important: Multitasking (just a boat load of programs that need flawless switching between/fast loading), gaming.

Parts not required: keyboard, mouse, speakers and OS

Preferred websites for parts: does not matter, just want to make sure they are reliable and affordable.

At least 1 TB HD

Dual Monitors- Open to suggestions but something with high pixel density (1980x1080) and 20+ inches. Will be using for movies as well.

Also, I'm not a fan of a light up case. I might be leaving it on overnight in my room and the less light/noise it produces would be ideal, but performance and cost take precedence.

Build should allow for upgrades in the future.

Thanks in advance everyone,
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  1. For $800 you wont get anything very good with 2 screens.Just the 2 screens will eat up almost half you budget.

    If you willing to settle for 1 screen though I can tell you that an i7 will be the cpu you need.Add to that a mid range GPU like the 7870 or 7950 and save on the rest.Choose a decent CPU though,and by decent I mean a good quality one.

    You plan on OCing the CPU/GPU?
  2. +1^ about the screens, I saw your thread earlier and was building a good rig for you until I read about the screens :lol:
  3. I found a decent deal on the screens today on newegg. I don't plan on overclocking at all. Besides the i7 and the gpu do you guys have any other suggestions for the build?
  4. dont get a i7 an i5 3570 is all u need for gaming if u are gaming
  5. I am not trying to do any real heaving gaming, mostly just need a decent build so I can do multitasking with Adobe products, internet ect.
  6. well the i 3570 good for tht
  7. umm how about the i3 3220?
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