Is the Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D2V compatible with the i5-3470 cpu?

I ask this question first to eliminate any further time wasted ;)
I obviously have researched the answer myself and it DOES appear that they are compatible, so I guess im asking does anyone know of any issues when using these two together?
Any and all answers appreciated.
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  1. it will run without any issues but why going with this specific old board !!?
  2. The only issue that you will run into with is that H61 board doesn't support PCI-E 3.0 so you won't get the ability to tap into all the features of the processor (the PCI-E 3.0).
  3. Ok thanks guys, thats sorted that out now......mrdowntownkiller simply because at the moment this is the only board i have ;)
    I am planning on updating to a better mobo but first i need to sort out this current issue.

    PC has been working perfectly for 6 months or so, recently got the i5-3470 just as an upgrade from a G840.
    And this is the issue.
    Both cpu's LGA 1155 yes, however when i fit the i5, system doesnt post....all power and fans etc come on but no beep, no visuals nothing.
    tried resetting bios settings.
    I am running a HD 6870.
    As soon as i put new CPU in (not a first timer ;)) nothing.
    I have obviously tried removing cpu and resetting etc.
    Thing is as soon as i put in the old up as normal ???
    And help? ;)
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    You need to flash the bios so it supports the need cpu.Check gigabyte to see which version you need.
    Think of it as installing drivers. ;)
  5. Weird that you posted that...just thought of updating bios, had a system once that needed a bios update to enable a particular CPU lol ;) searching gigabyte now .... Thanks for reply.
  6. We are here to help ;) the site always says what CPU they support but not all bios builds can support all the CPUs on the list,you need to flash the bios will the new build to make the bios able to work with the CPU.Its generally a small file that can be put on a USB drive.Restart PC,go into bios and look for Flash bios then select where the new bios is and there we go.
    Thats generally how it goes down but its safer to just do what gigabyte says ;)
  7. Yeah turns out it was indeed in need of a bios update ;) lolz
    Feel a bit silly especially as ive come across this before ;)
    This post from my pc now running the i5-3470 and with the HD 6870 working :) thanks all!!
    (If anyone has expected idle/load temperatures that would be helpful ;))

    Thanks again everyone :)
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