How to add a sound-card to my PC?

Hello people

I am thinking of adding a sound card to my PC. I have been running off the terrible motherboard audio for a couple months. Here is the soundcard:

Here is my current motherboard:

My questions are: Will the soundcard fit into one of the pci slots on my motherboard? If it fits in one of the slots, which one is it? Also, when I am adding a sound card, what do I need to do to my pc? I know I need to download the drivers and disable the motherboard audio, but I don't really know how to disable the MB audio. Do I need to redownload games or my motherboard drivers or any other drivers? Sorry, but I am not really experienced with computers so I don't know that much. If anyone can tell me what I need to do to my PC after physically putting the soundcard in the slot ( If it even fits ) , that would be greatly appreciated! :D
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  1. Yes it will fit in any of the two you have.The blue ones.The top one is probably running at x16 so it is better for you GPU.Install it on the bottom blue one.
    To install it just power off the PC completely,use a screw driver and touch the chassis to discharge static electricity.Connect the card and plug the speakers.Turn on computer.Your OS will recognize the card and will ask for drivers to run it properly.Just install the drivers you downloaded and restart the PC if the OS advices to.

    To disable the audio fom MB you can use the bios but since I dont know the bios you can use the OS.Just go to the Hardware overview and find the "realtek" hardware.Right-click on it and select disable.You can then remove through normal software removal any software associated with the MB audio device.
  2. Hi,
    It will fit in one of the white PCI slots.
    It is not mandatory to disable the onboard. Install the audio driver (you can find it here )
    and in Windows, Sound, Playback devices set as default the ASUS audio card.

    EDIT Now you should be confused.
    The interface is PCI, so use one of the white slots. It's funny tough.
  3. Hmm perhaps state what sort of audio set up u are running - could be the best jump in SQ is simply to move onto better speakers/cans :P
  4. Someone said blue slot and someone else said white slot. Which one is it? I also use a headset if that helps you out batuchka.
    Bus Compatibility: PCI
    Now check the manual and see what slot is PCI.
  6. If you have an answer please explain it in detail because I kinda don't know that much about most of these terms. Oh yeah I forgot to say that my my gpu is on the first blue slot and I have a wireless adapter for my internet in one of the smaller slots. So someone said that It fits in the blue and white slots. Is that true?
  7. It will fit in one of the two white slots. It would be good though to read the motherboard's manual. Just out of curiosity.
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    The card you posted above is PCI, so it goes in one of the bottom PCI slots (white). Hi Alex! You should disable the onboard sound. I accidentally didnt do it when I loaded defaults after putting in a i7-3770k and in my the sound volume on my tool bar, it was showing onboard sound and not my sound card. Once I went back to the BIOS and disabled it, my sound card was showing. In the BIOS, it's listed as Azalia or onboard sound. I haven't had a Gigabyte MB in a long time (love Asus) but look in the manual in the BIOS chapter what the onboard sound is actually called.
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  10. Ok thanks alot mikeny. I will do that.
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