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I was wondering, why are the FX series processors with so much power bad for gaming? The FX 8350 has 8 cores and 4.0ghz is worse than the 3570k which is 4 cores @ 3.4ghz. Are they cheap CPUs or something, are they bad built or not good material.
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  1. They are not bad for gaming at all. It's just that Intel CPUs are overall better, but more expensive CPUs.
  2. Well the i5-3570K is the same price as the 8350, so it's a stretch to say Intel is more expensive.

    The Ghz rating is just a measure of clock frequency, not the ability to perform work. Just like two cars with a 3L V6 engine may have vastly different torque and horsepower ratings. Intel has a more efficient architecture that gets more work done at the same frequency.
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