NZXT Phantom 410 fan controller problem

Hi all.

I am getting the final preparations on my future rig and am now adding fans.

I will be buying 3x140mm and 2x120mm fans : 1x140mm for the top,1x140mm for the side,1x140mm for the inside pivot,1x120mm for the front and 1x120mm for the bottom.

These are the ones I have in mind:



Problem is that both the 120mm and 140mm fans use 4pin connectors and from what I found out the Phantom 410 fan controller uses 3pin.

Can I still use them on the controller so increase/decrease their speed?
Should I use only 3pin fans on the controller?

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  1. you can use those, theres no connect for pwm from the controller though
  2. yes, you can use up to 8 fans...just make sure to buy 4-pin converter to 3-pin male (the one with holes) and you're ready to blow your rig inside out....just joking haha....

    this is the fans that i've used (3 units total)...nice accessories for nzxt 410
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