Replacing a power supply Dell Studio 540 MT help

I recently purchased an Radeon 7850 1GB graphics card (you can view it here and it was recommended to have at least a 500W PSU so I also got a new power supply to go with it.

The power supply I got was the Corsair TX650 ( and it seemed like it should be compatible since the dell is generic ATX compatible but only the fans turn on, and the computer doesn't boot up.

Reconnecting my old PSU, the computer booted up just fine, and I already tried removing the ram sticks and video card with the new power supply as well. Is the PSU I got defective or just not compatible with my computer? Thanks
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  1. Hi,

    I am upgrading my graphics to a Radeon HD5850 and too have bought the Corsaire HX650.

    I get exactly the same symptoms as you.

    How did you fix?

    New PSU? What one?

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