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So I would like to purchase a new case. My current thermaltake is a mid tower, and quite old. Everything is starting to vibrate and rattle and I think it's about time to put it out to pasture (it's like 10 years old heh).

I saw a gorgeous NZXT Phantom full size for only 80 bucks on, sadly they are discontinued in Canada.

So, my question is this:

Is there a comparable full size tower case around 100 bucks, that has the features of the phantom seen here:

The main features that really sold me on the case was the rubber grommets that the PSU rested on, to reduce vibration noise, as well as the hole in the back plate for swapping out CPU coolers. I also liked the fact the PSU was on the bottom, and the case was tool-less.

Of course, it would need to be found on ncix, or tigerdirect, or - or available in Canada via another site I perhaps don't know about.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hell, if those are the features you like... get the $40 NZXT Gamma Classic. Then spend $15 on a 120mm fan for front intake and a 140 for top output. Everything you wanted, right there.
  2. Most enthusiast cases offer the features you listed.
    Since you are going for the sleek, minimalist look the NZXT had, have a look at Corsairs cases. Very similar aesthetic and are a great case manufacturer.
  3. Fractal Design Define R4:
    -noise absorbing material
    -minimalistic look
    -but only mid tower
  4. Not sure if you like the look but this case has all you said:

    If you want somthing more ..... Straight... then:
  5. wow thanks for all the speedy replies and in such variety! I'll check all your suggestions out =)

    btw I was looking around a little more last night and I really liked the fact some case manu's started to offer filters for their fans to reduce dust/hair, etc intake. I thought "about damn time!" lol.
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