AMD FX-8320 Heatsink Fan Noise Issue

Hey guys,

I just finished building a new PC with the AMD Vishera FX-8320 CPU. I hooked it into an ASRock 970 Extreme3 motherboard. I've installed Windows 7 and the heatsink fan is still insanely loud, I'm not even running anything like games or programs now. Is there any way to fix this through the ASRock BIOS? I enabled the AMD Cool'n Quiet feature but it doesn't help in the slightest. If there's no way to fix this through BIOS, would you recommend a heatsink fan that won't sound like a damn leaf blower? Thanks so much!
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  1. I cured it by putting a fan from my old opteron , it's bigger with longer curved blades instead of the straight cut short blades , I then used hardwareinfo to slow down the fan , cut down the noise and cooling was the same . I echanged the cooler eventualy cause I OC my cpu .
    I guessing the 8320 has the same small straight cut blades my 1100t had . this is a pic of the old type fan I put on from my opteron dual core
  2. original fan had short straight cut blades that looked like this
  3. sorry here is the 7 blade stock 1100t fan , you can see 7 blades instead of 9 and they are short and straight cut ,=noise
  4. Go into BIOS and under hardware monitoring set cpu fan to automatic. It tells you on page 53 of your users manual on how to do that. That should slow your fan speed down.
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