Need help with first build!!

Hi guys, the help is appreciated,

basically I am looking to build my first PC, this PC will be used for work gaming and maybe a bit of video editing.

So far I have obtained a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and a kingston 240GB SSD,

I am also wondering if I can use my 32" TV instead of a monitor as a monitor will dig in £150 in my lowish budget, or is that not a good idea??

I basically want to spend about £500 more pounds maximum give or take £20-£30 pounds, I want the best kit I can possibly obtain for this budget. I will also need an operating system for it, I was thinking of using windows 7 home premium 64 bit, is that the best for the price and why??

If you are going to ask me about overclocking I don't really understand it but everyone raves about it so it would mean a great deal if someone could explain it to me, and recommend if I do it or not?

Could someone please recomemnd some parts to fit in with my Budget please, this would be a great deal of help and thank you so so so much!!
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  1. 1. Using a 32' TV as a monitor is possible, though it can lead to some eye strain depending on the resolution and refresh rate. Anything lower than 60Hz is going to lead to mouse lag and make it difficult to do just about anything.

    2. For your processor any AMD FX will do a great job for the price, and an Intel Core i5 would be a little more but yield some slightly better times for editing/ processing, etc.

    3. There are many options for graphics, Nvidia or AMD (Formerly ATI) Look for something that fits your budget.

    4. Overclocking is increasing the voltage to the processor which increases the clock speed, increasing overall performance. This leads to higher temperatures, so you will need to spend more money on cooling. It will use slightly more power, and I believe it can decrease the overall life of the processor.
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