Running geforce 8500 gt 1gb as physics

hey just thinking i got a old 1gb 8500gt pci-e card laying around could i get some better performance on video right now untill i up grade????? run it as phyics

useing a
gt520 2gb for main graphics
gt 8500 1gb for phyics


will it bottleneck you think of so a trial and error lol
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  1. no one will answer you exactly until you've to list up your specs??
  2. Neither of those cards is worthwhile for games. If that's what you're looking to improve, get a GT440 on a tight budget, or a HD6670 or HD7750. Any of those will run on a weak PSU.

    ...but yes, you need to list specs.

    Edit: And any card with less than 96 CUDA cores will not provide a meaningful boost for PhysX.
  3. m2n-sli motherboard
    amd athlon x2 6400+ proc.
    4gb ddr2
    500gb sata hard drive
    zotac geforce gt520 2gb
    750w modular
    i can play
    battlefield 3
    battlefield bad company 2
    sniper ghost warrior

    all are high end games

    i run them ok

    for S&G i put the card in and it dont reconize the extra card so maybe it wont work,
    also i have not updated my bios, i wounder it that could be the reason......

    was just messing around with the computer, saw some stuff on youtube thaught i'd try it see what would happed...
  4. I suspect you're playing on fairly low settings. What brand and model (not just wattage) is that PSU? If you review the gaming CPU and GPU charts, you'll see that what you have is fairly low on the pecking orders. Still, it illustrates quite nicely that it doesn't take thousands to build a PC to play games.
    A HD6770, HD6850, or GTX460 would all be strong upgrades for you, and will run on your PSU (assuming it's not something like a Diablotek or Apevia). Even the last two may be bottlenecked some by your CPU, so anything stronger would be a waste.
  5. ok , all im really trying to do is boost the graphics in the computer i know it needs to be upgraded but im giveing it to my 10yr old son and im building or buying a new one not sure the whole research of part is confuseing, not installing and getting it to work, its the whole i hope i dont buy a pos part and have to upgade asap or buy something differant... it just scares me, money is tight and the only time i can do big$$ as in ($0-$1500) on a new rig, not every year buy every 4-5 yrs so im just confused :( :??:

    but just to let you know, beleve it or not i run it at 1024x786 on custom medium with some on low .... i just know i can pull bett out of this old machine before i give it to my son...

    psu:KenTek 750W Modular ATX Power Supply SATA SLI 12CM Fan


    *Quiet Performance

    *Modular connectors (Plug what you need) and mash cable sleeve for easy cable management.

    *120mm large fan design for best overall airflow and heat dissipation.

    *Support all latest processor from Intel and AMD. ATX 12V 2.3 version and EPS12V 2.92 version

    *Independent dual 12V rail provide more stability and safer power output

    *Scalable Link Interface (SLI) Ready

    *Matte black color coating

    *Short circuit and over voltage protection

    *Ball bearing fan and matel gurad grill

    *High energy efficiency

    Condition: Brand New

    Brand: KenTek

    Item included: One PC Power Supply
    Dimension: 5.9 W x 3.4 H x 5.5 D Inch fit ATX / PS2 form factor casing.

    Input / Output:
    Input: 115-230V 60/50hz 10-6A

    Output: +3.3V 25A, +5V 28A, +12V1 24A, +12V2 24A, -12V 0.5A, +5VSB 3A

    Connectors: 20/24-pin x1 (20pin convertible), ATX 4+4 pin X 1, PCI-Express 6 pin X 2, SATA X 6, Molex 4 pin X 6, Floppy X 2

    MTBF 100,000 hrs at ambient conditions
    Efficiency 70% Min. at full load
    Overvoltage Protection On all outputs
    Shortage Protection On all outputs
    Cooling Ball bearing
    Noise Level Maximum of 32db at 100% system loading

    Safey Approved and warranty
    Approved by UL, TUV, RU & CE 1 Year warranty
  6. Ok, that PSU doesn't look great (without active PFC, it's an obsolete, inefficient design, and no doubt overrated), but it should certainly be strong enough for a HD6770. That would probably be a decent match for your CPU, even if you later up the resolution, perhaps to 1368x768 or even 1400x900.
  7. so it wouldn't be a good idea to put a gtx 550ti in it??
  8. check this out would it be worth a try, if i buy a card off ebay that has display issuse(lets say a 8800gtx) and use that as a physx card because i cant use the display do u think that could work (note) i can get thoes cards for like 30-60 on ebay all day but i am looking for a better card than the gt520....
  9. A GTX550Ti is similar in power to a HD6770; weaker, but similar.
    I would not buy a card with "issues;" who knows what else may be affected? Few games use PhysX; the effects are nice, but IMHO I don't think it is worth buying a separate card just to get them.
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