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I have a GTX 570 outputting DVI to HDMI to a monitor and HDMI to a TV. Computer speakers are connected via 3.5mm and work fine. TV is getting the HDMI from the video card and outputting via optical to a receiver.

I've set up both the monitor and TV to share the same display which has worked fine. When I go to sound settings the TV is listed and it says HDMI and all that and when I do a sound test it works fine...I get the tone from the speakers connected to the receiver. However, whenever I play anything on the computer, a video, music, Youtube, anything...I only get audio from the computer speakers. I've tried making the TV the primary device but this does not work, only disables the computer speakers. I know everything is hooked up right because I get the tone from both when I test both, so it has to be a setting.

Any ideas?? Thanks!
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  1. Update: Setting the TV as the default device AND restarting the computer worked. But now the computer speakers don't work. Setting them as the default device requires another restart!

    Is there any way to have them both work at the same time? Or if not at least a way to toggle without a restart every time? The test tone works without a restart but nothing else.
  2. Hi :)

    You can choose which device in Devices and Printers... but only ONE at a NEEDS to know which speakers to output to, and you have two sets, one normal and one set in TV...

    I have a similar problem but worse as I have a Bluetooth headset as well, which make 3 sets of speakers...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Hi all,

    I'm trying to setup my PC to send out audio through my TV speaker. The video works fine, but the sound is still coming out from my primary monitor/speaker that is connected to my PC. I would like sound to come out from the TV.

    I've looked in the Control Panel Sound Options, the only device that shows up is "Realtek HD Audio Rear Output"


    Card: NVidia GeForce 9400 GT
    -PC monitor connected via VGA to the PC
    -PC to TV (video) connected with DVI to HDMI via DVI-HDMI adapter (not cable)
    -Only outputs are VGA and DVI. There are no other ports.

    PC Motherboard: Has Digital Audio In and Out Ports

    OS: Windows XP SP3 running integrated sound

    TV: Audio Output, Digital Audio Output (Optical)

    Can sound be transmitted through the DVI to HDMI adapter?
    Will a DVI to HDMI cable transmit the audio?
    Will I need to purchase a sound card?
    Is there any software I can install to make this work?
    Will I need to purchase a 3.5mm

    Thanks! Happy Holidays!
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