Help me upgrade my GPU and PSU (again)

About two years ago, I posted this thread looking for some upgrade advice:

Everyone was very helpful and I've been running the following rig for the past two years:

HP p6310f which has a AMD 630 anthlon II x4(2.8 ghz), 6 gigs ram ddr3, 1 terrabyte HD.

I got a GTS 250 and a BFG 450watt PSU to actually make the system play games. It worked very well until I got BF3, which I'm playing on pretty middling settings. I also bought a 27" Samsung LED monitor. Now I want to upgrade.

Here is some criteria:

I'm looking to spend between $200-300 for both the GPU and if I need a new PSU, that as well. I'm not someone who needs super ULTRA settings, but obviously if I can get there on my budget I'd be happy to make it happen.

I've read that the AMD 6870 is a good buy at around the $160 range. I also was intrigued by the 7850 at around the $260. I imagine the 7850 is better, but how significant of an upgrade would this be compared to the 6870? Also, what PSU should I get with these?

Please make any other recommendations you can think of. Thanks guys.
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  1. The HD7850 probably will work with your PSU!
  2. 7850 is a bit faster than a 6950.

    You will not need to upgrade your psu. However you may need to overclock your cpu to keep up.
  3. Even though you can't overclock your CPU, the HD 7850 is worth it. Perfect for 1080p gaming on high/ultra.
  4. The AMD 7850 is going to be better than the 6950 but it will need a power input somewhere along the lines of a 4pin/6pin connector, i would recomend upgrading the PSU to around 750w modular PSU because then you can remove the the unwanted connectors.

    A decent PSU would be a Seasonic X-750 its got a Gold certified also its 100% modular and has black sleeved cables to improve strength [...] 6817151087

    hope this helped
  5. If you can find a decent power supply for $50. Amazon has the EVGA GTX 570 DS on Sale for $250 after rebate. The GTX 570 should be better than the 7850.
  6. A HD7850 will be roughly equivalent to a GTX570, but use a LOT less power. I'm not sure I'd rely on that old BFG 450W PSU to power it though. Here's a 520W modular Seasonic that is only $60 right now: although there's shipping costs too; make it $66, which is still a good deal.
    If getting this PSU limits you to the HD6870, that's still a big jump over what you have.
  7. The 7850 uses 106w, about 50w less than my 5850, that psu will be just fine.
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