Hp universal printer driver wont print colour


I have a HP Color Laserjet 4650 printer and I am using a Windows 7 64bit laptop, the only driver available to me is HP Universal printer on the HP website.

But the issue I am having is I can't print colour and there is no option to select it with universal driver. Can someone offer any help?
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  1. A Universal driver will essentially enable the basic functions of a variety of printers but the specialised functions of the printer will require a product specific driver. Many printers have been put to pasture due to lack of Win 7 64 bit support. I found the best way around the problem was to replace the printer. Not ideal but sometimes products hit a used by date. If you cant find a driver then that is really your only option. One possible alternative is to use an older machine with an older OS on it as a Print Server.
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