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I am looking to build a HTPC specifially for WoW and watching blue-ray movies. I would want one that would be able to run WoW on the highest graphic options and be able to handle the expansion MoP with no issues. I also will need it to have wireless-N connectivity. I know thats not ideal but thats a requirement.

BUDGET RANGE: no more than $800.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers

SOFTWARE: Need full version of Windows 7

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Would prefer the i5-3470k processor but am open to suggestions. HDD space isnt as much of an issue as the speed of the drive so if I can fit a SSD into my budget that would be ideal. This will be in a main room so the quiter then fans run the better. The case needs to blend in like an A/V reciever would and would like it to look nice and clean for it will be out in the open. This PC will be on all day and used for gaming about 3-4hrs a day and because of that it needs to stay as cool as possible. Thanks for all your help in advance.
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  1. i aimed the build at a good amount of silence and performance
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