Zalman Z9 Plus Temperature Sensor

I purchased this case, and have my computer 95% complete with this case, and there is just a very small amount of stuff left to do.

Anyways, I noticed that the temperature sensor on the outside of the case always shows in Celsius, and I would like to know how I can change that to Fahrenheit.

I don't see any buttons and I looked through the manual and found nothing. I tried calling Zalman support, but realized that their support is awful as they say to just leave a message.

If anyone has any knowledge on this case, is it possible to change this or do I have to learn Celsius?
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  1. The case probably isn't advanced enough to change. If its only sensing the outside ambients why not just use a thermometer?
  2. It seems to only pick up on the interior's temperature, not the outside.

    I can see the temperature, and it is much different than what is being shown.
  3. You will probably just have to learn Celsius.

    20-35 is a very good idle temp. 40 is acceptable idle.

    proc no hotter than 80 degrees under load

    GPU no hotter than 90 under load.

    Hopefully that gives you some idea of temperature scale.
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