How to build aquarium case for oil pc?

I know oil pcs are gimmicky and have no real use other than looking cool, but I thought I'd try something fun and different with extra parts I have that I know I'll never use, and eventually throw away (too old to sell, but alright to use for a browsing pc)

Anyone know about cases for these, as in decent fish aquariums that could be used?

What size in gallons would I use? Would I just cut out a rectangle for the IO at the top, or is there more to it than that?

I would just like some more information on the subject, maybe some links.
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  1. the problem with oil cooling is that oil slowly creeps up your cables, causing them to harden like crazy. plus, it takes a week to drip dry them when you want to use them in air

    as long as it fits your components in a good fashion, it should be good. yes you would need to cut a rectangle if you dont have one for the IO.

    you will also need a radiator cooling the oil
  2. You don't need a rad for a low power system with enough oil volume, since this is for browsing.
    The websites down at 17:30 U.k. time but you can see their oil kits on there,
    theres also our own oil-related sticky in the W/c section,
    I'm glad to see you set out at the start that its old gear and its for a laugh, we get so many threads on this with folks wanting to cool clocked gaming rigs silently its crazy, I actually sighed when I saw yours hehe,
    but its for fun, so why not man :)
  4. Thanks for the links/tips :) I don't have to care about drip drying the components, I'm just putting to use an old 775 desktop I have, and when I'm done using it, i'll either throw it away, sell it, or keep it as a cool decoration in my office. I'm not expecting to get back what I put in
  5. Which is why its so refreshing to see that attitude :)
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