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Hey guys, so yesterday I built my first pc, and after being frustrated with all the cables finally got it to work on my first boot up! Everything went fine, I installed windows 7 64 bit , updated my drivers, and then my anti virus. I have it installed on my 120 gb crucial SDD.

The problem starts when i turn my computer on. It goes past the BIOS start up screen and then it shows the windows logo, and then the screen freezes and its all black. All it takes so far (tried 3 times) is a simple restart and then i need to choose the option to start windows as normal because i restarted the computer. There is another option to repair something Ive tried it but it doesnt do anything.

If all it takes is a restart, i guess i can live with that. But i cannot find out what the problem is.

My computer specs:

8120 amd 8 core
As rock 970 extreme 3
120gb crucial SSD
1TB Seagate HDD
Windows 7 64 bit OEM
Rosewill Challenger 3.0
Corsair 650 PSU
HP Optical Drive
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  1. ...same thing happened to me be patient it takes a while the first time it took like 45 minutes for me.
  2. make sure the mb bios is up to date...check that the hard drive sata ports in the bios is set to achi mode not ide.
    make sure you download and install the newest mb drivers. the drivers for the your video card.
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