AMD Catalyst causing blue screen during install

Hello, I've recently purchased Diablo 3, a video game that is very taxing for my computer. I want to be able to run the game smoothly, and am looking for ways to do so. I launched it and it said my graphics drivers may be outdated. Since going to the AMD site and downloading the appropriate software for my graphics card, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470, I've repeatedly tried to install it, to no avail. Everytime I get to the installation of the AMD Display Driver or past it, my computer acquires a black screen, followed by a cmd underscore flashing in the top left of the screen, and finally a blue screen. The message says something along the lines of "failed to reset graphics driver, timed out". Please help, I've had this issue for the past two days while trying to install "Catalyst" from AMD.
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  1. Uninstall your current graphics drivers before trying to install a new graphics driver. Also, make sure that you are trying to get the proper drivers for your graphics.
  2. I'm having the same problem. Today I decided to say hell with the Catalyst program. To this day I don't understand why Catalyst doesn't automatically disable prior drivers and install the new ones.

    I instead went into the device manager and did a manual update from there and the driver was updated.
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