1st Time Gaming System- check in

Ok! I've been reading a lot of on what to put together for a high end gaming system, so far this is what I've put together.
Any input, obvious errors, or anything else anyone would like to comment on is welcome, Thanks!

Case: Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

CPU: i7-3930k Six Core

MOB: Asus P9X79 WS

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB (x2 planning for 2nd GPU a little later on)

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (do I need more)?

Cooling: Corsir Hydro Series HXX? I can't find much info on how much cooling I need.

Power: Corsair 1050 Watt (I think this is enough? might have to upgrade to 1200 for x2 GPU?)

For SSD/HD I'm kinda lost on what to do, one of my gaming friends says SSD is a waste, and someone else I know who makes games says SSD ONLY!
SSD: 128 GB Not sure about this?

Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster 7.1
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  1. Get a crucial m4 ssd. Have fun.
  2. Get a full tower instead of a mid tower. Your going all out why hold back?
    Get at least 16GB (8x2) please. It isn't that much more, and you probably will need it.
    Dont buy a fake water cooler...please...build a custom or get a Noctua DH-14
    Anyone who says SSD is a waste needs to be shot, hung, beheaded, and burned.

    If your going for high end your Hard Drive setup should be:

    4 x SSD in raid 10 (or if you wanna go cheaper 2 x SSD in Raid 0)
    2 x 1T HDD in raid 1

    1050 should be ok unless your going with some tri sli super something or other out of your mind build.

    I would seriously think about building a custom water cooler for that thing, especially if you are going to over clock. You can get together something decent with the help of the guys here for $200-$300.
  3. Hmm very good to know. I'll have to research this. Thanks!!
  4. The only issue I see is that CPU gets hot, stock speeds is ok with air cooling. Overclocking it would be difficult though without some serious help. Even though the Hxxx says 'water cooling' its only a 4c difference between it and the best air coolers.
  5. Ahh That makes sense. I'm probably not going to overclock at the start (I'm sure everyone says this) lol but I need to read up on the custom build cooler, it sounds like that's the way to go?
  6. so 2x SSD 128 GB in Raid 0
    and 2T HDD in Raid 1?

    I'm only using 150 GB on my current system, will I need that much?
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