I7 940 with 1800mhz memory

i have corei7 940 and memory sticks of 1800mhz recently i been told that my cpu does not support this memory speeds is it true?
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  1. yup

    memory controller goes up to 1066mhz only...

    RAM will probably run fine but not at 1800Mhz
  2. is there anting i can do maybe over clock that my cpu will handle this speeds?

    im in shock!!! so high mgz memory does not effect my games ther is no benefit in high mgz memory?! why do we have 2400mhz memory if it is pointless?
  3. Because modern CPU's can benefit.

    Mostly in transcoding it is useful or other highly intensive computing taks.

    Ivy Bridge and Piledriver do 1866 if I am not mistaken with some realms of being able to OC the controller.

    Also memory is cheap, why not get the fast stuff, maybe the next line of CPU's will need it.
  4. i thoght the oc wont help but you say by overclocking the cpu the defult mhz of the cpu can be chnge so there is the reason to get the fast stuff(: i have xps memory and by choosing from the bios xps profile i notic that the cpu speed change probly to support the 1800 speed
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