What would be the closer similar amd cpu...

to macth the i7-3770 from intel, the amd 8150?
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  1. Actually, there's no match of i7 3770. No AMD CPU is even close to its performance. And, this situation will persist until, the applications will actually support multi-threading upto the extend to use all the 8 physical cores.
  2. how about the 8350? similar if i want to save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. What are you trying to do with the computer? The 8350 will have similar performance to the 3770 for things like video encoding and 3d rendering, but lags a bit behind for gaming.

    i5-3570K also has similar performance to the 3770 in lots of apps, particularly gaming.

    If you can't afford the 3770, then it's going to depend what your primary goal is, but i5 3570 and fx 8350 are the next best alternatives.
  4. mostly work with excel and a platform to play the markets and downloading...
  5. IN that case, get an fx-6300 and save a bundle. You aren't going to tax even a $100 processor.
  6. Hmm I would go for an i3, though the FX 6300 isn't bad considering it is a triple core for only $10 more than the i3 3220. Even a Pentium G2120 or A8-5600k wouldn't be bad. I would go for an SSD though, as that is what would improve your computing experience the most.
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