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Crossfire causing shaky turning games

Hello, I'm having an interesting problem. My setup is Intel core i7 930 2.8 ghz, MSI 6970x2 crossfire, ASUS p6tws pro MB, 12 gb Corsair ram, Western Dig. black 1 terabyte HD. I've noticed with many games, this shaky, jittery feeling when turning. Skyrim and rage, both bethesda, seem to run a tad jerky with crossfire disabled, however with it enabled, the hard jerks are gone, but I get this constant shakiness.This is only when turning. Strafing and walking forward and backward is buttery smooth, well, on rage anyway. For a while, I thought it had to be an input issue, because crysis 2 did the same jerky thing when turning, but was smooth turning when I used my 360 controller, crossfire enabled. The controller does not fix rage in the same way, however. Disabled crossfire, lower performance, low fps scenario. Enabled crossfire, "higher performance", shakiness. I don't understand, Do I have to manually enable multi-gpu scaling with all games, like you can in crysis, or what. BTW, I'm using 12.4 catalyst drivers.
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  1. This is really getting on my nerves. I just dropped a !@#$ ton of money to have a crossfire setup. I had to order a new case just so I could fit both cards in my PC. Now I find out, not only do the majority of games not scale properly, most of them run worse. Should've done my homework before dropping the money. Too late now. How does AMD get away with this crap?!?
  2. If you are getting poor performance you may be having a cpu bottleneck, I would try and overclock your cpu a little,also have you downloaded amd application profiles for crossfire?
  3. I have a 4870 and a 4850 crossfire setup. Walking in a straight line in Skyrim, with ALL the gfx turned all the way up, I get 50fps fine. But when I turn to the left or right, it stutters pretty bad. This really pisses me off. I can't run it on max with 1 4870 but despite 50fps, it's basically unplayable using crossfire.
  4. Yeah, I've downloaded the latest caps. I was actually wondering about a CPU bottleneck, but everyone acts like if you have a 9xx series i7, you shouldn't have to worry about CPU performance. Idk, these aren't the only games that do the whole jerky, jittery turning thing. I was thinking, if I can strafe smoothly, there is no reason why it should turn jerky, has to be a problem I'm not familiar with.
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    Yeah I'm gonna say it's not a CPU Bottleneck. I'm running a Phenom II X4 940 and I have the same issue, and I really wouldn't even call the problem an FPS problem. It's just a weird issue that roots from crossfire I think. This makes me really want to go nvidia for my next gpu solution, but who knows.
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing. I've always went ATI, and I think it may be time to try nvidia. I'm just tired of spending money on my rig, just to not be satisfied.
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