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Hey guys I am having trouble finding information about this online. I was wondering how to identify which GPU would be able to pair with the A10 5800K APU to provide better graphics performance? I read somewhere that only several HD 6000 series GPUs will be able to utilize this feature.

I am looking to pair a HD7750 with the A10 5800K but want to be able to utilize the graphics cores on the APU and GPU at the same time.
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  1. To be able to hybrid crossfire the highest video card you can use is the 6670. Anything higher would be ran as a discrete card.
  2. HD 6670 or HD 7670 would be the most powerful card you can buy to use hybrid crossfire. The HD 7670 is simply a rebranded HD 6670.

    I think when crossfired they will be about the same as a single HD 7750. I would likely go with the HD 7750 route since there could be performance issues with hybrid crossfire in a few games. That's only a guess because the more complexity you add (like hybrid crossfire) the more issues that might come up.
  3. IF you're deadset on crossfiring then Newegg has a smoking deal on a Sapphire Radeon 6670 2gb for $55 ($40 after rebate).

    If you want a great discrete card at a great price Newegg has the MSI Radeon 7770 1gb for $100 and you'll get a $30 pre paid card as a rebate, so it's actually $70 in the end. This will be faster than a crossfire hybrid.
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