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I set up my new AMD comp and it would not post, the lights would flash and fans would spin for a half second then go dead and would not even do this again unlesss the P/S suply switch was flipped and thwe cord removed and pluged back in. So I replace the 400 watt P/S with a 200 watt P/S from my old micron system (specs for all at the end). The old P/S starts up the comp no problem and the 400 watt P/S will run the old system fine.... very odd to me. Any one know what it might be? Is the P/S messed up and not working as well as it should? or is it really a PoS in the disguise?

new P/S label:
Future Power Model ESP-400ATXP3P4 Ver 2.03
Input: 115V 50Hz ~6A Output:400W

DC Amps
+3.3V 20A ++Max 165V listed in an extended cell++
+5V 28A ++below both the +3.3 and +5V listings++
+12V 12A peak 14A
-5V 0.6A
-12V ).6A
+5Vsb 1.5A peak 2A

***The max 165V here has me wondering***
Has 2 sets of cables leading from it with 2 connectors on each and one floppy connector from one set.

Old P/S:
Tiger Power 200 Watts P/S Model: TG-2006-D
AC Input: 100V-127V~ 60Hz 7.0A
DC Output: Max Power 200W
DC Amps
+3.3V 14.0A
+5V 22.0A
+12V 6.0A
-5V 0.5A
-12V 0.5A
+5Vsb 0.75A

Has 3 sets of cables running from it, with double connections on each and 2 have a floppy connection.

New system (self built)
(minimal used trying to post)
1.2 Ghz AMD T-bird AXIA
2x 256 pc2100 DDR 2.5 Cl crucial
Epox 8K7A+
Gainward GeForce3
SB Live value
3COM Etherlink XL (3C900B-Combo)
Plextor 12/10/32A CDRW
Pioneer DVD-ROM 113-DVD
2x IBM 60GXP 20Gb HDD's 7200rpm (RAID 0)
Mitsumi floppy drive

Old system (Micron PC)
450MHz P2
Intel Corp 82443BX/ZX 400BX/ZX (mobo from sisandra data)
3x 64MB pc 100 SDRAM
Diamond Viper V550 (TNT 1)
Diamond Monster 2 (3dfx Voodoo 2)
(sound card and CD-Roms transfed to new comp, not in when 400W P/S was used )

Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.
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  1. because PSU's use multi volt switching it is possible(!??!) you have a blown transistor in your power supply preventing one of the outputs.
    Having to remove the power cord from the PSU is often a safety feature in modern type PSU's to prevent 'accidents'.

    take the PSU back to where you got it and get them to test it. (free of charge, of course!!)

    i am not suprised you have problems with your funny power supplies and funny plugs. you should have 240v and three pin plugs with fuse's like good old blighty!! ;)
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