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I7 2700k or amd fx 4300 Vishera

Hello :),
I am helping a friend with his first build. However, I am choosing the parts and actually building it. I do understand that games these days are highly gpu dependent. As far as the cpu goes I do not know exactly how much this will effect game play. I have a freind who has the i7 2700k and is very pleased. Also it seems to be very well respected and high up on the bench marking charts. However, I do seem to take an interested in using the new amd fx 4300. It has good reviews and runs a little faster than the 2700k (although i do not expect this to make it a better cpu). So my buddy has a budget of around $700. The 2700k is $200 and the fx- 4300 is $120 What should I go with for his build. If there is enough money left over in his build I am going to put in a gtx 660 Ti. If i need the extra 80 dollars or so I will just put in the non-ti. This is going along with a 750 watt power supply and 8 gigs of ram. I am not sure of which motherboard to use yet, because microcenter usually has deals that let you get a free or discounted motherboard when purchased with an fx processor. So if you guys can help me make a decision on the processor and motherboard, it would be great. Thanks :)
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  2. ok Thanks. Im glad that you found that mobo. I like the memory supported. And now i feel more confident.
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