So I just built a new computer with all the bells and whistles that I could hope for, and (as many have felt before) I would like to like to make the most of it by connecting it throughout the house in some fashion.

My original idea has reached a dead end. Despite technologies that will let us transmit HD video wirelessly to a $400 settop box with <10ms latency, there does not seem to be an equivalent for connections over gigabit ethernet. I've tried many variations of RemoteDesktop/VNC solutions, and none of them seem to have the low latency video that I want on the client computers. We have services like OnLive that will let people play video games on a server a hundred miles away, yet I can't get low latency video in the next room. Go figure...

Anyway, my next idea is to try to use the Coaxial connections that are also wired throughout the house. Has anyone tried any HDMI->Coax solutions? I've seen some boxes that will do Computer -> HDMI -> Coax -> HDMI -> TV, but are there any boxes that'll translate HDMI to an OTA HD signal? And what is the latency like on these boxes? Anything I should know before I dump money into a futile dream?
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  1. Don't try that. The closest you could do is convert the output from your computer to VHF signaling and put it into the Coaxial cable. That's just theory on my part, since I don't know of any TV tunner or Video card that can convert it's output into VHF and even less with a Coaxial cable output.

    Your other alternative, is getting a settop computer or a console (XBox 360 or PS3) and enable streaming over the ethernet. It's a bit complicated to enable it from the computer, but could be cheaper and less frustrating than playing with the Coaxial theory, haha. In this case, the client computer does the decoding though AFAIK.

    And the last alternative... Get an HDMI repeater if they exists :P

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