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Hello everyone! I'm not sure where this topic goes and I'm sorry if I'm posting it in the wrong place. Anyways. I'm running a stock hd 4250 and it sucks. I need a new card. I want to max diablo3 in 1024x768. Yeah not good res but it's all my monitor supports. I was looking at a hd 6770 on new egg for 109 dollars free shipping. Im on a tight budget. I seen the 6850 but benchmarks show the 6770 preformed better in lower resolution in d3. I won't be using AA or shadows(I hate shadows in games) I also want to play skyrim. Will the 6770 be enough for me? Thank you all

Here are my pc specs

12gb ddr3 gskill ripjaws
160gb ssd
Amd phenom ii x4 965 be at 3.4 ghz
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
600w ocz psu
M4a88t-m motherboard
80gb hdd
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    The 6770 is plenty. I would even go so far as to say it's overkill at that resolution. @ 1024x768 you could max out every game in existence with something around a GTS 250 ($60-$70 on amazon).
  2. The 6770 should be fine, D3 is a very efficient game.
  3. I bought a 6770. I'm excited. Now I don't have to play in 800x600 res on low settings with it still skipping lol. Thanks guys
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