Difference between i5 3317um and i5 3317u?

Hi I am intending to purchase an ultrabook soon and I noticed that some ultrabooks use an i5 3317UM instead of an i5 3317U. Is there a tangible difference between the two? I can't seem to find the answer online.

I have another question as well. I have noticed that the newer video editing software utilize CUDA to process and render videos faster. What kind of percentage increase can I expect for processing videos with CUDA and does AMD graphics cards have something similar to CUDA?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Do you know what you're talking about? The "M" affix stands for "Mobile" which are tuned-down versions of desktop cores, while the "UM" is for "Ultra Mobile", clocked even lower than their "M" cousins (3317U would be about 60% performance of a 3317M).

    In essence "U" versions generate less heat, and consume less power, which allows longer battery times, while reducing performance.

    It's what you use the laptop for that determines what type of core you want.
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