My dell xps m1330 came with a nvidia geforce 8400m gs, can i upgrade

i would like to replace the motherboard for my dell xps m1330. Has the nvidia gpu ( 8400 m) been resolved on any replacement board? No one seems to be willing to give me a straight answer, including dell. I could reball or rework the chip on the baord that I have, but will eventually be in the same boat. Thanking you in advance for your help.
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    No, usually it isn't upgradeable. Even if it was, the C2D would bottleneck it.
  2. Eventhough you can, I would still not recommend it. Get a new laptop man :). Only I recommend to people who has laptop that has the feature of replaceable graphics.
  3. Thanks for the help. Found a replacement mobo with intel graphics. Going to givr that a shot. With all the problems with the 8400 GPU, you would think there would be a class action law suit out there. I guess this chip fails across a lot of platforms. Thanks again for the help.
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