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I've been playing this game for the last year with high lag and have just recently found out that the problem was that i haven't updated my graphics driver for my Radeon HD6950. So i used AMD Catalyst and it updated the drivers for me. As soon as that finished, everything was all fixed i can now run my game smoothly :)
But now i noticed that everytime i start my PC up again the lag is back in the game and need to update the graphics driver again. How do you make the updated drivers stick without having to redo that every time?
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  1. What game are you talking about? What's your total system specs including ur monitor resolution?
  2. Everquest, System specs are HD6950 Radeo Card 2gb, 8gb RAM, AMD Phenom II 6 core 1090T, current display is 1920x1080 and i'm using Windows 7 64-bit version
  3. driver should stay install,next time put them on as administrator to see if they will stay.
  4. Drivers don't roll back itself or flash back to a previous system, and the lag is not due to a driver problem, i doubt. The game is not even demanding.

    Anyway, express uninstall all your AMD drivers, download the latest CCC from AMD website and see how it goes.
  5. I've tried installing it as Administrator, it didn't work :(

    And i also uninstalled all drivers and re-downloaded that Catalyst from AMDs official website and re-installed. Still the same thing happens.

    I know Everquest isn't that demanding a game which makes me even more baffled, yet everytime i use this Catalyst to install drivers the game runs smoothly but also everytime i restart the PC the game goes back to it's slow frame-rate issue almost like as if the driver is only updated temporarily.
  6. when you try to reinstall them stop the virus software until next restart and see if they will stay on
  7. What OS are you using?
  8. Check the version numbers before and after installation in Cat. Cntrl. Cntr. Do it again after restart. If they have not changed then something else is going on.
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