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My monitor can't receive any signal (HDMI, VGA, DVI) from my newly built PC. This was my first time building a PC, but I don't believe I've made any errors... hopefully. I've made sure all of the cables are in tightly, switched slots for my gpu in case of faulty slot, all of the fans are working. Just unsure of what else it could be. I've tried both the mobo slots and the gpu slots to put the monitor into as well. I found out that the monitor works with my other laptop so yeah. Switched places of the mem as well, no luck.
Mobo -
Mem -
Monitor -
I've been working on this for almost 7 hours now. Help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Is your GPU firmly seated in the proper pci express slot? also make sure all the pci and power cables are connected to the gpu and the psu. make sure your monitor is also on the corresponding channel for what your plugging it into. HDMI, DVI, etc.
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