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I am addicted to minecraft and I want to show the world my creations. Problem is my Dell Laptop is way too laggy. Have to play on min settings and I'm lucky if I reach 30 FPS. So I am giving my laptop to my mom and I was going to build my own i5 2500k build. There is a small computer shop in my town that sells computer parts and used computers. So I walk in to look at some CoolMaster Cases and there is this gateway for $500. I asked them how would this play minecraft and they said, "why dont you find out?". They let me download it and bandicam to test how it played. It worked like a charm. I got max 70 FPS and this is on vista without 64 bit java (not my PC and I dont want to play on it all day XD). I have a copy of Windows 7. So what I am wondering is $500 a good deal for a Gateway FX6800?


CPU: Intel Core i7 920
Mobo Chipset: Intel X58
Memory: 8GB DDR3
Graphics: 512MB ATI Radeon HD 4850
HDD: 1TB 7,200 RPM

I have an extra copy of 7 imma install on it. I also plan on upgrading graphics card later on. Is this worth it? I fell in love with the case. They also could get me a good deal with a monitor if I bought this and a monitor.

So is this worth it?
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  1. Did you try to talk the price down a little , because you never just walk in and pay the price tha's on an item and being a used computer I would think that you could get a good chunk off. Let the starting price be the $500 and figure that $400 would be a good price. Then the monitor would be up to you and it also depends if it's used or new. Don't forget these are used items and the price can be very flexable.
    I think the Pc would be worth getting because it's an i7 but it is two generations old and the X58 chipset is getting old but is still good for now. The monitor will be kind of hrd to figure what's a good price and you will have to be careful with it , if it's used you may have to try and find out how old it is.
  2. I already tried asking about lowering the price, the price is solid because the employee I really like is not the manager and the manager is never there....
  3. Well I never heard of a used item not being able to have the price negotiated. I have gone into stores and have gotten the price lowered on new items. I bought a brand new 2012 car 6 months ago and got several thousand dollars off the price by negotiating with the salesman and going back and forth over the price that I wanted to pay and the price they want to sell me the car for. Everything is negotiable and if the employee can't adjust the price then you should be dealing with the person who can. If they have a used computer sitting on the counter and you walk in and say that you will give them $425 for it then they can either say no or come back and say they will let you have it for $475 and then you offer $450 , now any place of buisness that is trying to sell used items should be able to take less if someone is offering to buy it.
    But your the one thay's doing the buying and I hate to see you being taken advantage of because you want that Pc so the decision is yours to make and I said all I can say.
  4. I am just asking is it a good PC? Is gateway a good brand?
  5. It's ok but nothing to get excited about and that's mainly why I was trying to get you to offer a little less for it. I don't think that I would ever buy one but that doesn't mean that they are junk , just not top quality.More like niddle to lower end and on the scale of 1 to 10 , I give Gateway a 4. So that's why I'm not understanding thier not willing to negotiate the price , it's not like they have a top quality brand.
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