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7850/670?monitors etc

Hi, should i get xfx 7850 ,asus 7850,msi 7850 or SAPPHIRE 7850 or should i get 1 gtx 670 if i get 7850 i will cf later on if i get the 670 i wont sli can a corsair enthusiast series TX650 V2 650W handle a i5 2500k oc at 4.5ghz at 1.3-1.35vcore 1 128gb ssd 1tb and 2 7850? also i will be using the 7850 or the 670 on 3 monitor does cf support 3monitor? is getting 3 of this monitor a good idea will this stand be able to handle all 3 monitor? budget on 3 monitor 450-500$ video card atm 300-400$ i will be gaming like bf3 diablo3 skyrim etc etc. thnx for the help :)
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    Ok best option to go with is a single GTX 670 now, but make sure that you'll need to SLI it later to maintain a good FPS with high game settings.

    Both will handle the 3 monitor whether you get 2 HD 7850s or a single GTX 670.
    look at the customer feedback on the stand and see it's specs to know if it supports your Asus monitors, but it looks like to me it will.
  2. thnx also my friend told me that cf/sli i wont notice a differences because something to do with this pci express 3.0 x16 slots (single at x16,dual at x8. hes telling me that cf/sli wont make a differences is that true? this is my motherboard
  3. No not tru, CF or SLI scaling with the newer cards sometimes reach 100% which means double the performance.

    technically there's no difference between PCIE 3.0 and 2.0 in terms of real world performance, neither the X16/X8 modes, you get hit only by X4 mode.
  4. thnx for the help :)
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