Which PSU is better?

I was just wondering which PSU I should get for my budget build out of these two power supplies.



Please Reply! Thank You!
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  1. I really don't like the Builder Series, I'd go with the CoolerMaster

    Cr*pMaster is the most low quality PSU that u can get(except the Silent M series).

    Tell me your system /budget so i can help you more.

    Bettwen the 2 links Cx 430 is for SURE the way to go
  3. Get the corsair builder series, got one in my computer at the moment. runs silent and also is 80 plus which the cooler master isn't. Also if you have the budget maybe go for the 500w or 600w builder series
  4. The cooler master elite series is old and the 460 W unit was a SCAM when it was new in 2010... From the review at hardware secrets

    Cooler Master Elite Power 460 W is simply an Elite Power 400 W with a new label. The two units are absolutely the same (the only component that was upgraded was the rectifying bridge, but this change didn't make any difference in performance). This is simply unbelievable. We wouldn't be surprised to see this kind of thing still happening in China, but here in the United States? C'mon...


    The CX430V2 on the other hand has been reviewed and determined to be a good little unit for the price
  5. I have used the Corsair 430CX and found it to be a good reliable PSU.
    Anecdotal sample of 1.
    At $17 after rebate with free shipping, it is an absolute steal!

    It is a tier 3 unit on this list.
    Coolermaster is all over the place.
  6. Or u can consider the Vp-450W antec . I hvnt personally used it but all are saying its a great PSU. Even reviews and it have a gold award at HardwareSecrets.

    So choose Cx 430 or Vp-450. They are both great .

    Get the cheapest one
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