Best Big tower Case

Hey, i am upgrading my case, and i need some advice,
first of, i am going watercooling, gonna drop a 360 in it, so it needt to be roomy,
i want a side window,
and id like it to be black,
sound is not an issue, i really dont care,

ive been looking at the switch 810, the thermaltake level 10, and the 800d,

my budget is about around that level,
thank you very much,

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  1. 360 as in an Xbox 360?

    Try these:

    Despite my own recommendations I prefer the NZXT Switch 810, very nice looking and got the features other cases do.
  2. Thanks, no, not a xbox, i meant a radiator, :) thanks for your suggestions, i will consider them
  3. Ahaha my bad :lol:
    I recently read about people putting their XBOX 360s in computer cases.
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