Need to buy new CPU to buy new mobo?

I currently have a desktop that I built years ago that I haven't used in a couple years because the motherboard died.

This was the board.

It runs 2 SLI'd GTX 260s. It is also a 775 socket board.

I recently decided I wanted to resurrect this computer but finding a full ATX board that is 775 socket is pretty much impossible.

Am I gonna have to buy another CPU to get this thing up and running? For reference, this is the CPU sitting there now:

Are there any issues that might crop up from using somewhat older stuff like the nvidia GTX 260s?
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  1. I would sell the old q9400 on craigslist. It's worth about $100 used. I would also try selling the old video cards. Can't give you an estimate for them. Here's some recommendations:

    Microcenter may have the 3770 cpu for $230, but this weekend, alot of stuff will sell out. You can save about $100 with an amd quad core, but it won't be any better than your old cpu.
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