Mobile GPU not working?

I recently purchased a laptop with a 7970m inside with switchable graphics, with the intel hd 4000. Testing it with games I set the performance of the game (in the Catalyst control center) to high performance, the difference with lower performance was about... 30 frames (70 -> 100 testing on WoW all settings low no vertitcal sync or multisampling). Then I tested my desktop which runs a gts 450 which which got 120 fps at the exact same settings. The 7970 is suppose to be equivalent to a desktop 570 far superior to the gt 450. Testing with skyrim I set the performance for that game to high performance (via catalyst control center), and launched the game. When I checked my choice for a graphics adapter only the intel hd 4000 showed up.

So thats why I'mm guessing the card isn't working but I'm not sure how to enable it. Looking at my device manger it does recognize the card. So... I don't know how to enable my 7970m graphics card. help please? :D

edit - it is plugged in at all times!
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  1. On Alienware m17x R4 with 7970m
    Resolved I called in, apparently its just fn + f7 haha

    When you switch you need to reboot, and if it doesn't work (missing drivers, because disc does not include (has the 69xx driver)) go to:

    Instructions were to uninstall driver (via device manager, then uninstall catalyst via control panel)


    then reinstall
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