Low fps in bf3 and low 3dmark11 physics scores

System specs:
amd phemon ii x4 955 @3.2Ghz
4gb Ram
amd 6950 2gb
gigabyte 990fxa-ud3

In July I was running this setup fine on bf3 with no lag at all. However I didn't use my pc over the summer and about 3 weeks ago installed windows 8 on it (clean install) re installed everything fresh and now i'm hitting 22fps on battlefield so i decided to run 3dmark11 basic edition. Here are my scores:

P3373 3DMarks

Which are way to low. Is my cpu holding back my graphics card? Or is it a graphics related matter?

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  1. Do you have the latest Catalyst drivers?

    Are you positive you are using the same quality and resolution in bf3 compared to before?
  2. Yes latest catalyst drivers taken off amd website (version 12.10). And just auto-detect settings as I have always done and looking at them they are detecting the same settings I used on windows 7. Also I just overclocked my cpu to 3.6 and still getting low scores on 3dmark11.
  3. UDPATE tried latest 12.11 beta driver and saw no improvement
  4. UPDATE 2: Ran gpu-z and taskmanager to see cpu and gpu usage and on the last test of 3dmark11 that utilizes both cpu and gpu the gpu load is about 35% whilst the cpu is on 90%.
  5. revert to window 7?
  6. revert to window 7
  7. revert to window 7
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