Antec Minuet replacement PSU?

I have bought an Antec Minuet case for a microATX PC and foolish me thought that there was no issue with getting a PSU for it. Think again!
Has anyone any history in getting a non-Antec PSU to fit this case? I am not having much luck...

Recommendations welcomed!
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  1. That's Antec's proprietary size.

    Antec MT-352 Power Supply Dimensions:

    2.7” (H) x 3.6” (W) x 6.1” (D) / 69 mm (H) x 92 mm (W) x 155 mm (D)

    The only form factor that comes close is TFX which has the following physical dimensions in its specs:

    2.76” (H) x 3.35” (W) x 6.89” (D) / 70 mm (H) x 85 mm (W) x 175 mm (D)

    Seasonic 350W TFX PSUs representing the best of the TFX form factor PSUs:
    Dimensions: 2.5"(H) x 3.3"(W) x 6.9"(D) / 63.5 mm (H) x 85 mm (W) x 175 mm (D)
  2. Thanks for the input - the screw holes on the seasonic do not look like they will line up correctly. I have a PSU at the moment that looks similar and I can figure out how to connect that one at all. Unless I drill new ones? Is that even advisable? :o
  3. Consult Page 30 in the following document for the standardized TFX mounting hole spacing specs:

    The measurements are all specified in mm.

    You should be able to determine just how close your current mounting bracket holes are to this TFX standard.
  4. I have 28 of these power supplies that are functional removed from my work that is closing an office location. If you need any contact me at
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