Crashing, Freezing, occasional BSOD and black screen when idle!


I have been having an extremely frustrating experience with my new computer of late and I think I am close to the problem.


- MOBO: Asrock extreme 3 gen 3.
- OS: Windows 7 64bit
- RAM: 16GB (4x4gb) DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws 1600mhz
- GPU: (CrossfireX) 2 1GB sapphire HD 6950's (catalyst 12.6)
- CPU: i5 2500k OC @4.6 Ghz 1.38v (25C idle, 65C Max)
- HEATSINK: cooler master hyper evo 212+
- PSU: Corsair TX-750 V2 750W Enthusiast Series Power Supply
- DISPLAY: AOC IPS 2353, AOC 2217
- CASE FANS: 6 Blue LED cooler master 2000rpm, 1 thermaltake LED fan 1300RPM?
- CD DRIVE: LG 24x thing
- CASE: Thermaltake dokker
- HDD: (primary) 2X 120gb corsair FORCE 3 in RAID 0, (secondary) 1TB seagate barracuda 7200rpm

Think that's everything.

Well... I started having issues in games where games would BSOD with a buzzing sound loop in the middle of intense games (this was before and after i installed CrossfireX) but i think that may have been heating issues. Anyway that didn't bother me too much because i was pretty sure i knew why it was happening. But lately since i have installed the crossfire then the wireless usb adapter then the heatsink then my new monitor I have been experiencing the following issues:

- I have started to get this new error where the screen will freeze up when loading applications or saving games. everything else usually works like sound, the fans are running etc but the display including the mouse is completely frozen. either i can hit the power button and i shuts off instantly or i have to hold it.

- After that error the computer will occasionally fail to start with a BSOD saying MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. then reboot like normal if i start windows normally

- I don't get it very often anymore but before it would always BSOD during games with a driver has been trying to corrupt and was caught.

- If i leave the computer idle it the screens won't turn back on and i have to hold the power button or hit it to shut it down.

The main problem is the freezing though it occurs randomly when i try to:

- load steam
- load winamp
- load Crysis
- install spybot
- load skyrim
- save in the middle of the witcher 2
- And i can ALWAYS force it when i click GPU-Z a few times

Anyway i thought perhaps i have set everything back to stock speeds, Disabled Crossfire, Ran 3 different virus scans, pulled out ram and tested different configs, Pulled out both GPU's and none of these have solved the issue HOWEVER:

When I run the system in SAFE MODE there is no issue but the most significant finding is that if i disable only 1 or both of the GPU drivers there is no issue. Even when the GPU's aren't in the system i have the issue it ONLY works if i disable 1 or both the drivers. The Cards both work fine on there own.

When i installed the second card I just enabled crossfireX in CCC and that was it, did i miss something? when i go into device properties for both cards they have the same driver version. I have just updated to Catalyst 12.6

Thanks for so much for your time greatly appreciated.

Just one other thing, is it normal when the system freezes and sound loops when rendering for short periods of time (3-5 secs) then goes back to normal?


Tried disabling drivers, crossfire again etc turned into a mess so i decided to just take out the bridge and run both cards with each it's own monitor and there are no problems? Faulty bridge!!??
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  1. Do you have all of the latest drivers?
  2. yeah catalyst 12.6, just updated the BIOS too no luck. :(
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    When I calculate your wattage out using the calculator on it says 770watts give or take a few. I don't believe it calculates everything such as your fans, etc. I think it might be your PSU, but you might want to get another's opinion because it could be something else too
  4. Yeah I was thinking about that but I don't understand why it would do the same thing taking both the GPU's out unless i disable the drivers :\ I calculated about 580 watts with all the fans in eXtreme calculator for memory but I will checkout newegg too.

    Actually one other thing in the witcher 2 my fps has gone from 100-120fps average without uber with my old 1680x1050 monitor and now it's barely playable with my new 1080p monitor 30fps average really drops all the time could this be a sign of psu problem or is it just a lack of video memory (1GB) because i doubt there would be that much of a drop in performance i thought multi-gpu setups where meant to be able to handle higher resolutions better?
  5. idk i think i might just sell the cards off and get one really good one, because i don't wanna get a new psu and find out it's not the issue I'd rather just upgrade to something like a gtx 680. Does anyone know what kind of a price i could sell 6950's one only a few weeks old and the other about 4 months? This crossfireX stuff is giving me the shits.
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