Dell Optiplex 960 SFF

Hi all,

I have inherited a Dell Optiplex 960 SFF. I would like to add a graphics card, but I'm worried about the size of the case. In the future I may make future modifications so I was wondering looking into a new (bigger) case. Would this be possible? The motherboard is G261D, K075K.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Edit - Without thinking ahead, I accidentally purchased the ASUS HD 7750 graphics card (don't laugh!). I will send it back if I can't find a case which fits.
  2. You will probably need a low profile card similar to this one:
  3. Thanks hairystuff, unfortunately the link did not render properly. I'll take a look at the site anyway.
  4. Nice one. Thanks for your help!

  5. I have just stumbled across this thread ans was wondering I have the same computer but was wondering if there was a graphics card that was a bit cheaper?

    I don't really play many graphics heavy games but would like an HDMI port...

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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