New Build NO display when graphics card plugged in.

Recently built an new rig, but I can't get the graphics card to display, I'll start at the beggining. Built the PC installed all the components (graphics card as well) powered it up and nothing. Tried both HDMI and VGA ports on both the MB and the GPU and nothing. Powered down removed the graphics card plugged HDMI into MB and all was well, it displayed fine and I was able to install the operating system and fiddel around in BIOS. Reinstalled GPU (yes external was PS plugged inon both occasions) and back to the original problem regardless of what port.
I need advice if anyone can help me out. Thanks

CPU - i5 3570k
GPU - Gigabyte 7850 OC
PSU 650W
RAM - 8gb DDR3
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  1. first of all connect montier to vga port if he diplay go to bios and update it to new because new hardware need new information about new plugins for ex your gpu 7850
    is new try to update your bios
    then plug gpu in mobo slot then connect to dvi repeat dvi not hdmi it will display install drivers and update njoy
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