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Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate your time. I recently upgraded my computer from a socket 478 Pentium 4 to a socket 1155 Sandy Bridge Pentium (G840); the G840 I have states on the packaging that it has 2 cores and 2 threads (it also states this on the Intel web site & CPU-Z). I have an ASUS P8H61-MLE motherboard.

My problem is that in Windows Task Manager, under the Performance tab, I only see two cores. Is it possible that my two threads are not being utulised? Or is this normal? My P4 with Hyper-Threading had two threads displayed in Task Manager, and my Dad's laptop which is dual core displays two cores. So shouldn't my processor display 4 cores (2 cores + 2 threads)?

If it is not normal, I'm guessing I'll have to change something in my BIOS. As stated, I have an ASUS P8H61-MLE, so do you know what I should change in the BIOS?

Sorry for the bother, and thank you for your assistance. :)
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  1. Two threads is the total for the CPU, not for each core; you have two cores each of which represents one thread. A hyperthreaded CPU would be listed as "2 cores 4 threads" which is what the i3 is. An i5 is 4 cores 4 threads -- a straight quad core, while the i7 is a hyper-threaded quad core: 4 cores 8 threads
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