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Hey everyone,

I love this website and have been a long-time reader but now first time poster. I know someone who was throwing away their old servers, so I decided to grab one (why not, right?). It's actually pretty decent. It's a dell tower with a dual core Xeon ~3 3Ghz, 4 GB RAM, but no graphics card obviously, since it's a server. Now the mobo has a PCI slot, PCIE x1 slot, and PCIE x8 slot.

My goal is to turn this server into an entertainment computer mainly for streaming videos and playing old games (Call Of Duty 1, Warcraft 3, HL2).

I've found that they don't really make PCIE x8 cards, so I'm stuck between PCI and PCIE x1. It would be nice to get an x16 card and stick it in my x8 slot and have done some reading about that, but I don't want an adapter, so I'm not sure if this is an option. I found two cards I think fit my budget and needs:

I'm pretty sure either card can handle the load I want, but I wanted to double check with you guys. What do you think the performance difference is between the cards (PCI vs. PCIE x1)? Do you suggest I get a different video card for my needs? I want enough performance to be able to easily handle games from 2003 and earlier on decent settings.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help!
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  1. go for zotac gt 218 it new and may be u can play games on low settings
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    PCI-E x1 is faster than PCI. The newer GT218 should also have more features and is more useful IMO.
  3. Thanks for your help guys! So you think the pcie x1 card would provide a noticeable performance boost for the games I want to play?

    Also, I opened up the tower again today. It's a Dell Poweredge T100. And it has PCI, PCIE x1, PCIE x4, and PCIE x8 slots. I'm not necessarily set on the two graphics cards I posted above. I've been having trouble finding graphics cards that aren't PCIE x16, though. Do you guys have any other card suggestions besides the ones I've found?
  4. The GT520, I know comes in PCI-E x1 by Zotac?
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