Hi guys

I am looking to buy a new case, I have been looking around and I came across the NZXT Lexa S, it is £54.57 ($87). It seems to be a very cheap case for what it offers. My question is has anyone used one? or knows if it is a good case or not? or just any helpful information would be great.

This is the case for those who aren't aware of it

It will house (for now)
i5 2500k
Asus P8Z77 Atx motherboard
8gb RAM
1tb WD hdd
120gb OCZ AAgillity 3 ssd
Asus 6770
OCZ 650 zs 650

Thanks in advance
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  1. its alright for the money

    though for about £10 more personally i would get haf 912 or storm scout

    but cases are a bit of a personal thing
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