Best graphics card and PSU combo for $200 budget

I just bought this PC from BestBuy. I want to upgrade alil to the best graphics card and PSU combo possible for $200 budget. I will be playing games at 1920x1200, preferred settings at high or better. I've been eyeing these two HD Radeon 7770 and CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 V2. Is this combo a good choice or could I get better? Any suggestions are welcome.
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    MUCH better quality psu. on a budget, its better to not use corsairs psus, since most of their flagship models that get all the craze are the high end corsair builds(which in the end, part of them are seasonic based)
  2. I was looking at that too but sadly it doesn't fit my case. My current PSU dimensions are W 6.0'' x L 5.5'' x H 3.5''
  3. To be honest I don't like that 7770, I would recommend this instead:

    That corsair CX500 seems decent.
  4. I was actually considering that one as well. But is this the best I could get at this price range? Is it worth it to spend alil more for something better?
  5. I like the PSU dudewitbow suggested it is one of the best PSU's at it's price point.I've also owned it before and I can say it is a very nice PSU.

    At your price point the best you could get is the 6850.It's about 10-15% faster than the 7770.

    How much more are you willing to spend if you do?
  6. I have a slim-mid size case so my PSU selection is limited. I'm not sure which one to get exactly. Hmmm that does look better. I might pick that over the 7770 if I can find a good PSU that fits perfectly. I'm willing to spend up to $230.
  7. Your PC(the one in the link from bestbuy) is a mico-tower.It's just smaller but it use's the same standard ATX PSU's.The seasonic one is perfect.It's very small and should fit nicely.

    So $170 for the GPU if the PSU is $60?

    Then you could go as high as the 6870.
  8. Alright I'll get the Seasonic one then. So what made you choose that HIS one over this Sapphire one?
  9. Oh wow that's amazing. I assume the fan noise would be kept to a minimum as well then.
  10. After looking closely I noticed the review is on the Turbo x version. Would that review be similar to what I would be seeing with just the Iceq X version?

    Edit:I decided to go with the HIS Iceq X, I'm hoping it fits perfectly. Otherwise I have to send it back and get something else.
  11. The Turbo X version use's the same heatsink as the Iceq X.It's just the O.C. version.
  12. Alright thanks, they should arrive in a few days. Can't wait to install em and take em for a spin =]
  13. Yea me too.I got that exact same combo(just an XFX 6870) about a year ago.Now I upgraded to a 750 watt PSU and have 2 in crossfire.They really are great cards.The Seasonic PSU is just sitting on the table.Haven't decided what i'm gonna do with it yet.

    What games are you looking to play? And at what resolution?
  14. That's nice I might do the same in the future if I ever feel the need for it. But for now this should be quite enough. I'm planning to get GW2 when it comes out and that's about it. Gonna play it at 1920x1200 on a 25" monitor. I'm feeling quite broke right about now lol.
  15. You should have no problem maxing that game out.Yeah, all this money has gone into my PC and I still can't max out the top end games.But as a first time PC gamer you should be thrilled at how good it's going to look.Goodluck and happy gaming.
  16. Everything came today, I had a lil trouble fitting em in but they did perfectly in the end. All set and ready to play some games now. Thanks for all the advice guys =]
  17. Does the Graphics card look huge when it's in the case? Is everything getting enough airflow?
  18. Indeed it does, I was afraid it wouldn't fit. Even after measuring the inside of my case I was still hesitant about the card. Luckily there was just enough space all around that area. It looked like the casing of the card was gonna get in the way somehow but it didn't. I think the airflow is fine, my pc is just as silent as it was before, can't hear a thing.
  19. Yah it was like that for me too.So funny looking.Just make sure nothing is restricting the airflow around the fan.

    What are your GPU temps like under load?
  20. Yup all clear. Where do I look to find that out? Or do I need a program for that?
  21. if your using windows 7, there's a german gadget for that called gpu observer
  22. Ok so right now its at 51 degrees Celsius Gpu load at 0%

    Edit: At 47% GPU load tempts were at 64 degrees Celsius
  23. Breadlover said:
    Ok so right now its at 51 Celsius Gpu load at 0%

    if that's the celcius after a good amount of time, then that's good, its low on its temperature.
  24. How bout 70% GPU load at 65 Celsius? At what temp should I get worried?
  25. Breadlover said:
    How bout 70% GPU load at 65 Celsius? At what temp should I get worried?

    ~80 celcius is when you may want to rethink about wire management and fan air circulation
  26. Haha ok, well I kinda moved all the wires to the front of the case and there is nothing blocking the fan at all.
  27. You can download HMonitor.It lists everything in your system that can report a temp.

    Download is on the right side of the page.

    Yah those are some really good temps.Espically in an OEM case.The IceQ X is a great cooler.I doubt you'll go above 72c.If the temps rise in a couple months just make sure to clean it because dust can really choke a fan.
  28. Ok cool. Thanks again guys very much appreciated.
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