CPU Trolling me? virus?


I recently been experiencing some weird stuff with my pc.

it started a day ago I was playing some arma 2 and my frames droped from 60 to 1-5 and my fans in my pc were at 100% all of them even my hd7970 I turn off my computer and left it till today.

I turn it on to see whats causing the problem first I though I had a bad power supply or something because it was way too hot. I open my videocard OC software to check the temp and it was rising FAST, I also opened intel xtream utility to check the cpu temp etc and turns out the CPU its HOT and its using up all 4 cores and its at 100%... I do Ctrl + alt to check what program/s is using all my cpu power... and as soon as I click taskmanager the cpu usages on intel extreme utility goes back down from 100% to 10% and below and no longer all 4 cores are been used.

ok now I was scratching my head... because I cant find any program on taskmanager thats using that much cpu, so I close taskmanager thinking the issue is gone but as soon as I close taskmanager the CPU goes back to 100% and all 4 cores are been use and all fans are at 100% to cope with my cpu running at 100% .

I repeat this a couple times, close taskmanager cpu goes to 100% open it and goes back to normal...
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  1. Sounds like a virus with a sense of humor.

    I would do a full system scan with different virus software. (Maybe a system restore)

    If you want to troll whatever is causing this, try running task manager all the time, while you do the things you want to do with your PC.

    ^ Not really a fix, but would be fun to try, just to see what happens.
  2. atm I am using my computer with taskmanager open... also running some full scans on my comp I will try a restore if this fails .
  3. yeah ccleaner should get the job done easily.
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