Can a desktop wireless adaptor disable wired connections?

I have an Asus PCE-N13 wireless adaptor - fits into a PCI slot on my desktop, i had a wired connection in the past but needed this when moving the PC to the second floor... doesnt get the best connection but it works.

I had to do a really big download yesterday (about 12gb) so i pulled out a fairly lengthy network cable to run up the stairs but my PC does not seem to recognize at all that it has a network cable plugged in.
Is it possible that the wireless card can disable all Wired drivers or something?

Windows 7 64 bit
all cables checked
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  1. Windows will only use one network card at a time. when ever you have more then one NIC Windows will set one of them as the primary NIC. In your case it seems to be the wireless card. all you need to do is disable the wireless network card and the other one should start working. you might have to reboot.

    once you done using the LAN card enable the wireless
  2. I tried disabling it in the device manager but that didnt seem to work, i rebooted too. Is it possible that i need to uninstall the drivers? or is there another way to disable it.. in the bios or something?
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